2009 is over

I finally filed my taxes so 2009 is officially over and out the door. *whew*

There was some last minute anxiety because one of the stock sales I made in 2009 was of a stock that hadn't been bought in 2009---and so the brokerage year end report didn't include the buy price. I usually only hold on to stocks for a few weeks to a few months so this was unusual for me. And unfortunately that stock was bought in a year that I couldn't immediately find the buy records for.

There was some frantic searching but it turned out that I bought the stock in 2007 and lost a lot of money on the damn thing. I think it was something like $4,400. Ouch. That was probably why I held onto the stock for so long---I was hoping that it'd come back. It never did. :-(


Teresa said…
I FINALLY finished my taxes today, April 15th. I meant to do it earlier. And I ran into a stock problem too, but it's not my fault. The company was taken over and my stock was bough unbeknownst to me. I really should pay attention to my account. Not that there's much there to pay attention to. lol.

It was one I bought in 2001... I lost a lot on it. Helped with the tax bill though. :)
srp said…
If only we had had enough money to buy a million shares of Apple at $80 a share last year and sell it now. Give the government half and just live easier and able to breath a little. Pipe dreams.
Malibu Stacy said…
HB2U, you old fart.
srp said…
Why haven't you put any pictures on your other photo blog recently... I know, I should talk.
utenzi said…
I've been neglecting my Nature Pictures blog for years now. It's shameful. And lately I've been very bad here too. I'm blaming Facebook. I can see what other people are doing on there and not bother with blogging.

HB? Hell's Bells? Hubba Bubba? Stacy, you're using abbreviations that I'm just not familiar with. I did get the "2U" part though.

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