More Snow

I scooted out of work at 4:15pm, as soon as I'd finished up my tissue culture and IHC work.

I wanted to get some pictures of it snowing and it might not get cold enough in Chapel Hill. But just a mere 13 miles west, where I live, it's always a few degrees colder and voila, snow.

Pretty, huh? I had to take this picture at a very slow shutter speed to get it to come out like this. The picture below is what happens if I speed it up a lot. I think they were taken at 1/4 and 1/250th of a second.

This faster speed is kinda boring. Just flakes that are difficult to even see. The streaking flakes in the picture above are more dramatic. :-)

Click on the pic if you want to see it a mite bigger for better detail.


kenju said…
So far, we have only frozen rain. I had to roll the garbage cart out to the road and I got wet (and cold).

My camera is sort of messed up again. Somehow it is too easy on my camera to change the settings, and I've done it again. :-/
jan said…
I don't remember ever seeing an action photo of snow.

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