Hiking under cloudy skies

Yesterday was a mite chilly an the skies were very overcast with occasional sprinkles but I was able to fit in a hike after work with a Meetup group.

There were only of us so we made pretty good time. As you can see below, we scrambled over rocks and sometimes were gazing up at them (in the quarry) and were able to enjoy some spring blooms along with the drab wintertime surroundings elsewhere.

That's Juliet, Catherine, Lauren, and Janice. (from left to right)


jan said…
I love daffodils...sunny harbingers of spring. They appear out of nothing just when we need them most.
Kim said…
Hiking with four women, eh? I see how you are.
utenzi said…
Yep. The ratio holds pretty true. Takes 4 women to equal one man. Must be God's plan, huh?
Malibu Stacy said…
If you're talking about a game of "Pull My Finger," yeah, that's about right.
utenzi said…
That is a fun game--as long as you're the one doing the "finger" part. But you might be right, Malibu, I never recall a woman initiating that game. Odd. I guess that ratio might be a lot higher than 4 to 1.

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