A Hike along Jordan Lake

I wasn't planning on being home this weekend so I lucked out that there was room for me on this hike. Meetup hikes are frequently solidly booked weeks in advance.

In any case, this hike was along the woods on the west side of Lake Jordan, between Apex and Pittsboro.

Above you can see the lake from the vantage of the parking lot. Below is a picture of some of the hikers in the group crossing a small bridge.

The two pictures below are linked. One of the trails leads to an old tobacco curing shed. When we got there we found that it was inhabited by a pair of vultures. As we looked inside the shed, the vultures vacated the building in a burst of noise and decided to watch us from the branches of a tree, way up above us.


Kim said…
Nice photos Dave. Feeling better?
utenzi said…
As long as I keep walking, preferably at a quick pace, I feel fine. It's when I stop and eat that things deteriorate.
kenju said…
Sorry you're not doing well, Dave. Hope that changes soon.

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