High Def

My girlfriend updated her viewing experience.

She went out and bought a high definition television set. About time, huh?

Sure, it's only 42 inches but you have to start somewhere. At least it's a great brand: Panasonic. (said not so much for technical accuracy as because that's what I have also)

And since Kim's television is plasma and mine is DLP, her picture is a lot brighter and more vibrant than mine. And mine being more than 2 years old, and as such kinda dated in this fast paced digital world of ours, doesn't help either.

So this is the woman and her new high tech television. What a pair!

Kinda looks like a supernova on the television---and so very near the Earth. But have no fear, it's just the reflection of my camera flash on the screen. The Earth is safe... for now.

I donated a DVD player to the cause since Kim's didn't have upscaling and I had an extra player hanging around. The upscaling really helps regular DVDs look like they were shot in high definition.


kenju said…
My daughter has a 42" HD like that and when she moved into her new townhome, she said it isn't big enough. I said, "Does that mean you are going to give this one to me?" and she laughed. (so cruel...lol)
Julie said…
Hi - The leader of the Chapel Hill-Durham meetup group (Julie) kicked me out of the meet-up group this morning. What a harrowing experience. I mean I can't go to any of the meet-ups anymore. I'm still hoping you might let me join you on a hike, especially now.
- Julie
also, wtf is your email address?

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