Baby Got Back

I like big butts and I can not lie...

Actually these are kinda small as pig butts go but the price is great. Maybe I should say that I love well priced butts?

These have expiration dates in the near future---March 5th, to be exact---and so they have dramatic markdowns in price.

And to make it even better, I had a Food Lion coupon for one dollar off any 5 dollar or more purchase in the meat department so that means both hams cost me 50 cents less than marked. That's around an additional 15% off!

I got a pair of 6-7 pound hams for barely more than what a single ham sandwich costs at the cafeteria.

Unfortunately I'm on a diet so both hams went right into the freezer. I'll tell you, with those hams joining the two turkeys already in there, that freezer is looking quite full.


Kim said…
I didn't know you liked big butts.
utenzi said…
If you're going to chew on something, there's no sense in thinking small. You'll just end up hungry.

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