A Snowy Saturday (again)

Here in the lower elevation areas of NC we typically get snow once or twice a year. Rarely much accumulation. But this year we've had snow 5 days, I think, in the past 3 weeks. WTF?

Admittedly it's pretty but enough is enough.

The picture above I took just a few minutes ago. Just some invasive grass trying to get up onto my deck, now covered in a blanket of pristine snow. The picture below was taken early this morning before the sun was fully up. Isn't snow wonderful? (no)

I'm going hiking at 2pm today up in Hillsborough so no doubt I'll be taking a few pictures of the snowy trails up there. I just hope the dirt road heading in there isn't a quagmire of mud.


Smug said…
This has been a funky winter - feet of snow here instead of inches, record cold, no melting!! I have a feeling it is all my fault since I am waiting to go into labor any second (due date was yesterday)!!
Sue said…
WTF, indeed! March 2 in the ATL and we've been watching snow most of the day. Not much accumulation but, what can one say? It's the South! LOL!

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