Saturday Revisited

I really like the symmetry of the picture below. I got lucky 'cause the ground was so wet that there were limitations on where I could stand to take pictures.

The "stream" that you see on the left if normally just a trickle if there's any water in it at all (and the water running to the right of it is what's normally the path). Just a few hundred yards further down the path the trail just disappears under the swollen grasp of the Eno River.

I tried climbing the hills above the river to find a ridge that I could use to go along the river but to no avail. The hills were very steep and there was just enough snow on the hills to hide loose rocks, logs, and holes and the such. I finally had to give up and return to the trail and backtrack. Drat.

Here's another picture of me. Note how red my nose and ears are. It was friggin' cold out there. I'd have worn a coat if I had any idea just how long I was going to be out walking around.


kenju said…
The top photo? The one without the red-nosed guy in it? I'd be inclined to blow that up and frame it!
GA Girl said…
Getting a little grey in the beard, Utenzi!
utenzi said…
LOL It's always been that color, GG. Even in the student ID from our alma mater I had a gray looking beard. The difference, of course, is that now it's really gray. Back then it was just very light blonde.

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