I was a trial (free!) member for a few hours today. I rated something like 486 movies. Then their selection machine predicted 66 movies that I would like.

They batted zero for 66. Pretty poor performance, if you ask me. In addition it was supposed to be a 14-day free membership. Today is the 5th but they have my free membership ending on the 17th. If my math skills are up to the task, that comes out to be 12 days not 14.

I canceled my membership. So it was free for a whole two hours. Wheee. And on the cancellation questionaire they didn't have any of the reasons I didn't like the experience listed, and there were no "write in" places. I really wanted to complain about Netflix---as you can probably tell by this post. :-)

Maybe I should try Blockbuster's version of Netflix. Maybe they have a better way to predict my taste in movies over there. Amazon is pretty good at that sort of thing so how hard can it be?


Teresa said…
LOL. You make me laugh. Actually, it's 13 days because they count the day you start and the last day. It used to be 10 days, I think... Regardless, no one ever "predicts" my tastes correctly, so that wouldn't bother me. They don't send out your recommendations unless you choose them either, so what does it matter? And why would you rate 486 movies? That's a bit extreme... you are supposed to rate the movies that they send you.

Oh... I don't even have a Netflix account, so you can ignore me. But I speak the truth. You're in a fightin' mood, babe! Come join my mob in Mafia Wars.... fight away!
Michael Manning said…
I know they've been around for a while, Utenzi. But why they would predict tastes is strange to me. :)

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