A Cold Day at Eno

I went hiking at Eno River Park despite the 32 degree weather, huge rainfall yesterday, and chance of snow.  I'm glad I did. It was quite beautiful despite the chill in the air.

Making it more interesting was that when I got there I was greeted by a park ranger who warned me that river water levels were so high that much of the trail system was under water and the suspension bridge was iffy. Yikes! The bridge is usually something like 15 feet over the water.

The picture to the left shows the bridge in the background (the thin horizontal line) and the space between the trees heading right is the submerged path.

Once I got there, the water was around 5 feet below the bridge but it had obviously been much higher the night before. Even so, the trail leading to the bridge was deep under water and a very round-about route up a hill was required to get to the bridge.

This is me up on top of Cox Mountain. I made it using the camera's self timer, just sitting it on the ground, and didn't have time to really compose myself. :-(

3 hours later, when I was leaving the park, the water had gone down by a good 6 feet and the path was no longer covered. It was certainly very muddy though.

In a way it's too bad. While the water was running really high it was making vicious scary sounds like a beast out of control. Very intimidating! But there were only two of us in the park in the morning. By the time anyone else came to the park the Eno was starting to calm down a little.


Teresa said…
utenzi said…
A hug? Is that because of the scary river or the cold weather?
Teresa said…
Both... mostly because I haven't hugged you in a LONG time. You were due! :)

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