From both sides now

I went on a 7 mile hike along Morgan Creek today. Usually I'm about the only one taking pictures. But today was different!

In the next two pictures you can see me on the far side of the creek. The third picture below is the one that I took. As always, click on the pic to see it bigger.


Teresa said…
That's kind of cool, Dave... but I'm struck mostly by the short sleeves (and apparently shorts!). Brrrrr... Though I admit it was a bit warmer this weekend, it wasn't warm enough to forgo sleeves! :) Excellent distance, Dave. My feet would be screaming!
utenzi said…
It was around 62, I think, when we were hiking. About the only warm day in the past 6 weeks---and today and tomorrow there's snow forecast. Most of the day it was cold nasty rain tho.

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