So very sore

I did a hike today. Or maybe the hike did me. It was around 8 miles long and while I knew I'd be tired---I had no idea it'd nearly kill me. Not literally, of course.

However I was laying in bed for an hour afterwards with a heating pad on my lower back and microwavable heat thingies on my neck and knees.

I blame it on a combination of the cold (it was around 40f today) and my running a lot (which is really hard on my knees and lower back) as I took pictures from in the back of the group and then the front and then back again. Of course getting older doesn't help either!

The hike took 3 hours, from 1pm to 4pm and then I had to go into work for an hour and inject some mice with life-saving (or so we hope---this is experimental, you know) cancer drugs. I think leaning over the hood where I was doing the injections was what really made my muscles stiff.

A wee bit too much hiking followed up by not moving for 40 minutes while working on mice. Bad combination! Tomorrow, if I should survive that long, I'll do the mice injections first and then go hiking.

About the pictures, the first one is of a bunch of the group crossing a sewer pipe around the midpoint of the hike. The second picture is of the nasty hill that leads to the edge of the UNC Botanical Gardens (which is the turn around point on our hike) and back to Morgan Creek. And that third picture has a dog watching several of the group crossing a pipe while holding hands.

Personally that strikes me as a crazy way to walk across but it really seemed to comfort them. I like to scoot across as fast as possible. I figure the inertia helps keep me moving in a straight line. Non-straight lines tend to get you very cold and wet.


Teresa said…
Poor thing! I'm aching a bit tonight, but I'm not blaming it on the activity (we got a wood delivery today and I had to move some of it this morning). It's the inactivity afterwards that has my back a mess today. I spent way too much time sitting at my computer. I don't even have anything to show for the pain as I was being social online rather than getting any work done. Oh well... tomorrow is another day, right?

I hope you feel better in the morning, Dave. I'd skip the hike if I were you.
utenzi said…
I'm sorry you're in discomfort, Tazz. I hope it goes away. As for your advice, it's good thinking but I already went on today's hike before reading your post. I'd been better off skipping the hike since it was kinda rainy and muddy.

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