Happy New Year

Last night Kim and I stayed up past midnight to greet the New Year. 2010, as I recall.

To keep busy we watched the entire first season of Better Off Ted (13 episodes) while practicing preparing different types of puff pastries. We're going to Kim's brother's house today to watch football and have a family dinner and the pastries, both sweet and savory are our contribution. H'ors d'oeuvres for while watching the games.

It was fun watching the DVDs and eating our practice session. The savory rolls were doing better than the sweet so today we're probably going to go with a roulade on the sweet side. We hope it'll work out better than individual rolls.


Teresa said…
I had to look up "roulade"... Oh my! I'd just take what you have. I find that people like the "mistakes" best. But puff pastry is kind of messing for sitting around watching TV. Didn't you notice that when you were sampling?

I'm not sure that I liked Better Off Ted to rewatch the first season yet, but it does sound like you had a fun evening. Happy New Year!
kenju said…
Those look really good!
Bob-kat said…
They look really tasty.

Happy New Year!

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