Cold Day in Hell

I had to work today. Mice, y'know? The fight against cancer must go on and all that.

Anyway, since I was going into the lab I figured I'd bring Kim with me so that afterwards she could hike along Morgan Creek with me. It's one of my favorite hikes and it's just a mile from where I work in Chapel Hill.

I guess when I told her about the hike I forgot to mention the long walks across sewage pipes. As you can see in the picture above, at first she was slightly reluctant to make the crossing.

In time she grew to love the spirit of adventure that crossing the slippery---it was below freezing today so there was a lot of ice on the streams and some on the pipes---sewer pipes entailed. In fact she told me that it'd be a cold day in hell before she ever did that again. And it's going to be pretty cold tomorrow too so I think she was angling for another invite.


kenju said…
I can't believe she did it today! The only time I would hazard that is in August when there is a heat wave!
Teresa said…
Poor Kim! You'd have lost me early on. I might try it in warm weather, but the risk of landing in the creek would have kept me off that pipe. Kim looks to be in better shape than I am -- balance probably isn't as much of an issue with her. Still... you have to learn to be nice, Dave!

I spent the day indoors farming on facebook. I could use some neighbors, so if you or anyone else is a FarmVille participant, come my way. I am a helpful neighbor -- I shoo away critters, pull weeds, fertilize your crops and feed your chickens daily. I also am an excellent gift giver and will even help raise your barn. Join in the fun!

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