cold and wet

Today didn't start out as a bad day outside.

But I was too sore to take advantage of that. By the time my disintegrating body was able to get out of the house it was after 2pm. Bad start.

My first stop was work where I needed to give some mice the attention that they so desperately desire (actually a recent poll of mice discovered that they would prefer to be left alone---but keep delivering the food).

My lab work didn't take very long and I was back on the road by 3:30pm.

The thing is, I don't like to leave the house on weekends. So this having to work weekends gig that I've been doing on and off for the past 8 months has, in a way, been a good thing. Cause I prefer to multitask once I'm out of the house.

So I'll do the groceries, refill the gas tank, or maybe even force my aging body across one type of landscape or another. And my doctor recently pointed out that I could use a lot more exercise (ouch).

Anyway, as a result of that advice and my being out of the house anyway, I went hiking after showering my mice with attention. Despite it being raining! That's what the first picture is for. I took it at the end of my hike. It was actually only a slight drizzle when I started the hike at 3:45 but by the time I was finished at 5pm it was coming down in a fairly steady fashion.

But I did need the workout, and my muscles felt a lot better at the end of the hike. Too bad they felt just as bad as ever by the end of the 25 minute drive home. :-( I did get a picture of a pretty tree though. And filled my gas tank too. $2.67 a gallon here.


kenju said…
Your doctor thinks YOU need more exercise? Darn. I wonder what he'd say about me?? LOL
srp said…
As for doctors.... the mice have it right.... leave us alone. The weather didn't move in here until after midnight last night... but when it did... the wind did a number on my landscape fabric, uprooting one of my little rose bushes.

Oh, and gas here... I saw $2.59 yesterday but not at the least expensive stations... that would be $2.51 over in Va Beach.
tiff said…
Good things can happen through serendipity alone, eh?
Kim said…
How did your camera like all the rain?

You're not supposed to hike in the rain, goofus! Haven't you heard the phrase, "too (fill-in-the-blank) to come in out of the rain"?

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