Back to the Mousey Grindstone

I got my marching orders on Tuesday. A new mouse study is about to get underway. Not a big one but it requires daily injections so that means I need to be in here on weekends also.

That's a real pain in the patootie since parking is almost impossible here on weekends due to people attending sporting events and just a general lack of parking spots. Because of the lack of parking, on weekdays I take a bus in but that's not much of an option on weekends.

Initial weigh-in and tumor measurements take place tomorrow. Immediately thereafter we start treating with drug or placebo. Subsequent measurements will be done on Mondays and Thursdays. The mice love to be weighed. Injected? Not as much but it's over quickly and then they're back in the cage with their friends.

It'll probably take 5 weeks to complete the study and who knows, this might be the experiment that will defeat cancer. You never know...


kenju said…
Let's hope it will!

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