I finally went to see Avatar today with Kim. We went to see a 2:50 matinee in 3D that was sold out. It's pretty impressive that in its 4th week of release the movie is still selling out theatres.

The movie plot has a lot of holes but it doesn't matter at all. The emotional i's are dotted and the technical t's are all crossed. Even without 3D this is one hell of a movie but in 3D it's amazing. Just amazing. Having some CGI here and there is one thing, but to have an entire movie come out of a computer---and look real, not cartoonish, is pretty wild.

One of Kim's friends declared Avatar to be the best movie she ever saw--no doubt she saw Titanic 12 times too--and while I won't make that claim I still was quite impressed with Avatar. A movie well worth watching, or more accurately, experiencing. Just don't expect the ending to make sense.

On a financial note, as I understand it, movie theatres don't keep any of the ticket sales the first week (maybe 2). Then the local theatre keeps larger slices of the ticket revenue as the movie remains open multiple weeks. So often a new blockbuster movie only helps a movie theatre slightly--by increasing the revenue at the concession stand since there's more warm bodies in the building.

Avatar is different in that the 3D glasses rental fee ($2 at the movie theatre I went to) can dramatically increase the ability to make a fast profit for the local theatre. I'm curious to see how that affects the financial dynamics of the movie industry.

As for other opinions, the professional critics polled at Rotten Tomatoes give Avatar a 94%, the online critics there give it an 82%, and over at IMDB Avatar gets 8.7 out of 10. I think the 94% is deserved.


Kim said…
The glasses were great! I could see even though I wear glasses, so I had my 3-D glasses on top of my regular glasses.

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