West Point on the Eno

It was certainly a brisk morning for a hike but at least the sun was out and due to all the rain, the Eno River was looking pretty good.

The waterfall above was very near the parking lot, between an old gristmill and the blacksmith shop. This part of Eno Park has educational / historical buildings that were originally part of a small settlement named Synnott's Mill (Michael Synnott operated the mill from 1752 thru 1778 whereupon a new mill downstream drove Synnott out of business).

We hiked the West Point trails in Eno Park. We started at 10am and it was probably around 35 degrees there. As you can see from the graphic, when I left my house, 30 miles west of where we hiked, it was a lot colder.

The hike was supposed to be 4 miles long but we had to shift around a bit to avoid a flooded area so it was probably only 3.5 miles as we hiked it. There were enough hills to get me to take off my hat and gloves fairly soon and eventually my jacket as well.


kenju said…
I really need to go there sometime. I've never seen the Eno, believe it or not.
Teresa said…
It was only a little cooler here in PA... southern living must have other charms. I'm glad you managed to survive your weekend alone. So, how far down that to-do list did you actually go?

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