On Sunday I roasted a 15 pound turkey.

It'd been in my freezer for a year, ever since the great Thanksgiving sales of last year. So, when the sales started this year and I wanted to buy another two turkeys---I had to make room for them by tossing the old one in the 'fridge.

I couldn't eat Mr Turkey right away since I was going to Kim's that weekend, and then I was going to my parents in SC for a few days before we all went to Georgia to spend Thanksgiving with my brother's family. And, come to think of it, I had turkey at all 3 places...

And as soon as I got home from my parent's place early on Sunday I had to take out that turkey and start roasting it. It'd been in the refrigerator for over a week and since it was a year old to start with... but another turkey???!!

As you can see in the pic above, I cooked the bird until it's tender thighs were nearly 185f. Yum-yum.

And I've had dinner every night this week, Sunday through Thursday, using the breast meat along with side dishes. *whew* It's amazing how far a 15 pound turkey goes when there's just one person eating it. 5 dinners and I've just finished off the boobies---and as you can see from the plate, I'm really chowing down.

And the two thighs will feed me through the weekend. I think the rest of the poor birdie will just have to be sacrificed. I don't trust cooked bird for more than a week.

And what's really amazing is that after that initial 6 pound gain from the weekend at Kim's (where I really tried hard to eat half a turkey in just one weekend) I've stayed steady at 215. Maybe after Xmas I'll be able to drop down under 210 again.


Teresa said…
LOL. All that turkey! I had a little bit of turkey at Thanksgiving and then roasted one on Friday. Mine was 20 lbs. and even after a turkey dinner, making two turkey pies, numerous sandwiches and sacrificing most of the dark meat to the dog, I've still got half a breast and some dark meat left. I'm going to have to call it quits tomorrow though. Of course, I made broth from the carcass and will have to make something out of that, but I'm pretty much glad to get turkey off the menu for awhile! I can't imagine how you're feeling about those birds!
jan said…
This is the time of year when I think we should beef up a little just in case the sun doesn't come back when it should.
Kim said…
I lost two pounds over the Thanksgiving weekend. Now I only have six more to go before I'm down to my pre-David weight!

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