I wasn't very impressed with that first episode of Better off Ted, the other night. For a season opener it really seemed weak. The main gimmick of the company genetic matchmaking was okay but they didn't really push the issue as far as usual nor was the writing or acting quite as "pure" as in the first season. I hope next week's episode is an improvement. I'd hate to see this show not live up to the promise created by the first season.

What did you think of the end of Top Chef? Personally I'd have been happy with any of the final 5 winning---they were all quite good---but the fellow I thought would win, did win. Not that he was my favorite, Kevin was more likable, but the edgy approach combined with a lot of competency and competitiveness made Michael a hard act to beat.

By the way, Michael and his older brother Bryan have a joint website now: The Voltaggio Brothers.


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