Snow is coming

We usually only get snow 2 or 3 times a year in this part of NC. So it's definitely a change of pace for us.

And I bet retailers are very unhappy that this critical shopping weekend is going to be snowy here.

Here on the west side of RTP they're expecting an inch of snow during the day on Friday and another 1-3 inches during the night. And more on Saturday! Wheeee. And those temperatures are pretty damn low for this area. Brrrr!

I think it's time to go a little further south to where Kim lives and hide out until that nasty snow is gone. Assuming the roads are okay Friday night: here in the South driving when it's snowing out can be.... funky.


kenju said…
My kids is supposed to drive home from the DC area on Sat. and we are supposed to go to the Angus Barn Sat. evening. I bet neither of those things happen!!
Teresa said…
Ugh! All week, they said the snow wouldn't come inland... but they've changed their minds. (Typical... we get good weather forecasts for weekends -- until the last minute!) It still will be better here than nearer the coastline... we expect about 3 inches, while the shore will get a foot if it doesn't change to rain. I guess that Christmas shopping will have to wait....

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