I took today off from work and went hiking instead. Tomorrow I head over to my parent's place for the start of the Xmas celebrations and this was the last bit of calm before the storm, so to speak.

And calm it was. No doubt due to the cold temperatures, abundance of mud and ice, and it being a weekday---the hiking trails were deserted.

These two pictures were taken at Duke Forest which was my first stop. After hiking there I went over to Hillsborough and did that mountain hike I like. I enjoy hiking much more in cold weather 'cause you just don't get all hot and sweaty. If only there were more leaves on trees in winter... it's just not as pretty when the limbs are bare.


jan said…
I enjoy vicariously your hikes and scenery.

Have a great Christmas with your parents.
kenju said…
You know I like mosses and lichens, Dave. Have a safe trip and a wonderful Christmas!
utenzi said…
I do try to cater to your tastes, Judy.
Teresa said…
I can't bring myself to say it, but you know... I will say, "Have a great holiday!"

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