It's a start

The snow started around noon and has been falling fitfully since then. We were supposed to have an inch on the ground by now and I doubt it's more than half that---but there's a lot more weather to the west of us and it's heading this way. By morning we might have that foot of snow that some of the forecasters were calling for.


Teresa said…
This storm is annoying... Now we've been upgraded to the 8 to 14" range. Nuts! Don't hurt yourself shoveling, Dave... I know you aren't used to it!
kenju said…
We have about 1/2" on our deck. I hope that's all we get.
utenzi said…
It's been snowing here ever since I took that picture. Now I've got an inch on my deck and the grass in the back yard is covered. Tomorrow morning it should all look very pretty---but I doubt I'll be leaving the house!

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