House arrived and Dexter is shipped

Gotta love Amazon this time of the year. Once you get to the Xmas shopping season those orders are shipped out fast.

I ordered the 4th season of House on Friday and it arrived today. Sweet. Usually on that free shipping deal they make you wait a week or two. Bastards! But for the next 3 weeks as soon as you order something they ship it---they can't afford to get behind. I love it.

And today I ordered the third season of Dexter. That show is amazing. When I first got my HD set I had HBO and Showtime free for 6 months and I really was impressed with the first two seasons of Dexter---but I'm too cheap to keep Showtime for the one series so I've been waiting for the shows to come out on DVD (at a decent price).

Now that there's only a few weeks before season 4 of Dexter wraps up season 3 is affordable. The Blu-ray is about 3 bucks a show, 50% more than the regular def, but this show just begs to be seen in high definition.

In case anyone else is watching it, the second season of Better Off Ted starts up next Tuesday. I LOVE that show. The first season was just amazing. I'm very glad that it survived the chopping block despite some really pitiful ratings. Portia de Rossi and Jay Harrington, who play the two main characters, are so fun to watch.


We love Dexter too! It's one of the best written shows on these days. We don't have showtime, so we also wait for the DVDs.
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