Hiking in the Snow

I got up a little early today to go hiking in the nasty cold. It got down to the mid-20s but by the time of the hike, 10am, it was over 30. Balmy, almost.

The sun was shining so strongly that the snow in the trees was melting. On us. I really wish I had worn a hat 'cause I got soaked---head and feet.

I really like this picture of the log. There's snow on top, moss underneath, and below that you have fungi. What a nice layering effect!

We were the first people to hit the trail today but one other couple arrived later on and we saw them near the river. Even though the trail was wet and we got our feet soaked in the near-freezing water it was a great day. The snow was so pretty in the bright sunshine.

Even so, the hills were a real pain in the ass due to the slippery footing and the taxing affect of breathing hard in the cold dry air. I almost felt like going around the loop again--but instead I did a little shopping at Lowe's and Wal-mart. Xmas is just around the corner!


kenju said…
Wet feet and you still liked it?

I'm not sure if I should commend you or send you to Dorothea Dix!
Teresa said…
I think an experienced hiker would wear appropriate footwear to hike in the snow. The missing hat is somewhat excusable, but as one who prefers to have too much gear rather than too little, I still would have thought you'd bring one with you.

Nice pictures though. :-)
Wet head/ feet and you still made the hike. You've got drive. And you took these Great photos to boot. Glad to see someone else was late shopping for their Christmas gifts. I finished mine yesterday. Happy Holidays to you and your family.
utenzi said…
I had one in the car, Tazz. I wore it 'cause it was so cold when I set out on the drive to the park. But once there I knew I'd warm up quickly by hiking. I didn't anticipate the ice melt dropping from the trees.

I thought Dix was closed down, Judy?
Kim said…
Wet head AND wet feet?! You're nuts! Pics are beautiful, though.

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