Desktop Wallpaper

I'm changing my desktop to something more December-ish. I'm not much for Xmas scenes so I'm just focusing on red to get some seasonal color. What do you think of these two? Or should I go to less science oriented pictures?

On the other hand, we might have some snow on the ground tomorrow so I could possibly get some nice winter pictures while hiking tomorrow. It's down to 35 outside now and supposed to drop to 27f overnight. It's been raining off and on so snow might end up sticking by morning.


Teresa said…
The kisses are nice... but I'm not sure what the other picture is. Don't like it though!

It stopped snowing here... the news says we got 3 inches, but I think it's less than 2. Enough to be a nuisance and with the temperature at 32 it's liable to be icy tonight. I'm hoping it warms up enough tomorrow that I don't have to shovel the paths. We'll see...
kenju said…
Puhleeeeeze, no snow! I have to go out tomorrow to buy groceries and pay some bills.

I'd prefer the second photo.
utenzi said…
The first picture is some muscle cells stained bright red, Matrigel stained blue, and infiltrating vascular cells stained light red. It's from some experiments I've done trying to decrease vascularity in tumors. The Matrigel acts as a tumor in this situation. The second picture I took a couple of years ago on my desk at work.
Teresa said…
Well, I don't think the description of the first one would be apparent to most people, but since theoretically others don't have to look at it... whatever! I tend towards pictures of the ocean for my desktop.
Both photos are neat. I like the Candy one better though. It seems more "Christmas-y" to me. The high here is supposed to be 40. I'm waiting a bit before I go grocery shopping!
Kim said…
You should wait for a snowy shot.

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