I'm tired. And no, not the kind of "tired" that you see below.

Those tires are there to protect sailboats from wave action at a marina, a few miles from my parent's house.

I'm tired because I paddled my fishing kayak against the wind up to the sailboat marina. The fishing kayak isn't as easy to move through the water as the blue kayak and that wind was a killer.

All that "wet" on me was due to the wind. My face got the spray from the paddle ends as I lifted them out of the water, my legs got the dripping water from the paddle, and my hips got the occasional wave that was higher than the sides of the kayak.

And since the water wasn't much warmer than the 38 degree air, it made for a less than entertaining paddle.

But that was this morning. Since then I've been laid out on the couch reading. Now I'm going to tackle a minor plumbing problem to help stay awake. Now that I've finally gotten warm, I'm getting sleepy.


Kim said…
Pretty pictures, Dave. I hope you got your mom's bathroom fixed!

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