Better off Ted

It's only a few more weeks until Xmas which makes it a more likely time to end a television series, Top Chef on Wednesday night, for example. Yet two series are going against the tide this week.

The second season of Better off Ted starts up tonight. The first season was really witty and well acted, and I hope season two can avoid that sophomore jinx.

The second show, Men of a Certain Age, debuted last night. I recorded it but didn't watch it. I've only seen bad reviews so there's a good chance that I won't bother with it... but the guys in the show are all around my age. Maybe I should watch the show so I can know how I should feel towards life... LOL

This last episode of Top Chef should be interesting. Kevin and the two brothers are all strong competitors. The brothers are a little older and more experienced but Kevin is very centered and aware of his strengths and plays towards them. It's surprising how many contestants would try out dishes that they'd never cooked before on elimination challenges. Of course those risk takers are all gone now. Of the remaining three, I like Kevin best but it's anyone's game.


Kim said…
When you watch "Men of a Certain Age" maybe you'll know how I feel when I watch "Cougar Town".
Teresa said…
I forgot about Better Off Ted... maybe next week. I recorded Men of a Certain Age but haven't gotten around to seeing it. I'm not expecting much though... I expect cliches and obvious humor. Maybe I'll be surprised?
Michael Manning said…
I must be missing a lot by not having cable. It seems that TV series in the past were more creative and fun. That's just my view, though! :)

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