Getting in some practice for Thursday.

You gotta love some of these Thanksgiving week sales. I bought a pair of turkeys at 40 cents a pound. One is 15 pounds and the other 16, and each cost about the same as a big sandwich would have in a store.

I didn't flip over the turkey when I was roasting it. Turns out that's really a good step to follow. The meat still tasted great but it could have been a wee bit moister. Next time I'll flip it over! The potatoes, on the other hand, were absolutely perfect and the gravy was pretty good.


kenju said…
You're making me hungry! I love turkey and I am really looking forward to mine.
Teresa said…
I never flip my turkey over... for a few years, we did roast it breast side down and it was a bit more moist. Now, I just baste it and cover it once it starts to brown, usually after about 2 hours. Turns out fine.

I'm ending up with two free turkeys this year (for buying X amount of groceries at two different stores). I picked up one of them already -- a 22 lb. one and will get the other tomorrow when I pick up the last of my Thanksgiving supplies. Oddly, this year I'm not cooking the turkey... I've got side dish duty. That one is odd since I don't eat the side dishes for the most part and will have to wing it so far as taste goes. Beware what you request!
Malibu Stacy said…,0,3586629.story

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