Kim and I are near the NC Coast this weekend attending a Pecan Festival. What can I say? Kim likes pecans.

As for me, I think all nuts taste like tree roots. The nuts hold no appeal to me but who can pass up a parade?

As you can see here, the tractors were enrolled in the event. Since we're talking about a farm-oriented event, you have to have some agricultural participation. There were even a bunch of men and women on horses near the end of the parade. I guess they were there in case a bunch of pecans broke loose. Sometimes the only way to retrieve errant pecans is to rope them up and drag them back!

There were also the traditional parade items like Shriners on little motorcycles, kids on choo-choo trains, politicians in fancy cars, and local school bands. The band pictured here is the high school band from Whiteville. The girls walking backwards never tripped. Not even once. I found that amazing. I doubt I could walk backwards more than a hundred feet or so before landing on my butt!

Speaking of close calls relating to balance and grace, I had a close call Friday night. I got coerced into attending a festival concert that was to include dancing---but it was kinda cold. The low temperatures kept attendance down low enough that not many people were dancing---and so I was able to skip out of that activity. *whew* The idea of dancing in public had me nervous!

After the parade we engaged in typical festival activities like eating and wandering amongst vendors of myriad homemade and unusual goods. And the contests and raffles, of course. There were any number of these.

Kim got fancy and had a smothered steak sandwich for lunch with crunchy fries--I just had a simple burger (with lots of catchup!) and I snagged a couple of Kim's fries when she wasn't looking!


Teresa said…
I am a nut for nuts... so the festival sounds interesting. I love pecans -- did you get me any? (Somehow steak sandwiches and hamburgers and fries are not what I'd expect to find at a PECAN festival! -- is this typical of NC? You eat anything but the featured item at festivals?) I usually eat almonds or pistachios, but pecans in their natural state are yummy too... I think I have to put them on my shopping list! Yum!
utenzi said…
I had pecan-crusted grouper that night for dinner. Yummy!
utenzi said…
Apparently my distaste for fish didn't bother me that night--or Kim is logged in as me and didn't notice.
Kim said…
Oops! Sorry!
Teresa said…
Well... I'm glad that one of you had a yummy dinner. I usually don't nut my fish, but it REALLY sounds good!
Kim said…
It was delicious! The crust was crispy and crunchy. A perfect combination with the fish. It was served on a bed of penne pasta that wasn't underdone. The creamy sauce was a perfect complement for the crispy fish.
Michael Manning said…
A great festival, Utenzi!
Deana said…
I like those praline or covered pecans from that area. I bet there was some really good food there!

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