Over, not around

I wandered over to my parent's place in SC this morning. I left home at 3:03am and arrived at my destination in SC at 6:49am.

Even at that early hour it was quite apparent that today was going to have heavy traffic. I'm very glad I didn't wait until "normal hours" to make the 4 hour drive. It could have easily become a 5 or even 6 hour drive!

How do you like that picture? There's an island on one of my paddling routes that I usually have to go around but today I was able to go right over it. Neat.

Instead of the low lake levels I've gotten used to, all the rain the east coast has been experiencing have created unusually high levels of water. Lake Hartwell, a year ago, had plenty of areas that were completely dry. Now, instead of being 22.5 feet below full pool, the lake is 18 inches over full pool. The Army Corps of Engineers simply have no where to put all the water since the lakes downstream are full too. Usually December is pretty dry so eventually they'll be able to release the extra water---hopefully before these old dams get too weary of holding back the extra weight.


kenju said…
Happy Thanksgiving, Dave!
jan said…
The picture is a study in blues, very nice. Have a great day with your family.

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