This is a time of the year that we encounter a lot of leftovers.

Kim and I got a start on the season by putting the remaining bits and pieces of the breast meat into a pot filled with gravy along with all the meat from the thighs. This really helped moisten the meat which had gotten a mite dry from it's original over roasting and then a 2-day stay in the fridge.

Then we poured this gravy-meat mix on top of a bunch of sauteed veggies and plopped some dumplings on top. The below picture was taken just after we added the dumpling batter. Yum-yum! And we had some mashed potatoes on the side. I loved the stew and mashed potatoes but Kim preferred the dumplings. They were a little mushy for me, but the potatoes were on the salty side and Kim wasn't thrilled with them. Good thing we made both!


kenju said…
I'm sure I'll be making turkey and rice soup come Friday or Saturday.
Teresa said…
Are you really having turkey on Thanksgiving too? I love dumplings, but not with a meat gravy base. They don't come out the right consistency and I like more of a tangy taste to offset the plainness of the dumplings (sauerkraut is great as well as stewed tomatoes, but the most interesting was when someone put them on top of a green bean casserole instead of the crunchy onion things. It was really good... I was adventuresome that day and glad of it.

Happy Thanksgiving, Dave!
It's good to be so creative! You'll really get the most out of those Thanksgiving leftovers! Happy Thanksgiving!

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