House Shopping

Today is Black Friday, the big shopping day here in the US. I didn't leave the house for anything but some paddling on the lake. Yet I did do a little shopping on the computer and bought a House.

The 4th season DVDs actually. Amazon is selling the first 4 seasons for $12.99 each which is 78% off.

The 4th season is actually the worst bargain of the 4 because that was the year of the TV Writer's strike. As a result, that season only had 16 episodes instead of the normal 24. A full third less material! But that was the "Amber Season" and as such by far my favorite. She was a true gem and not just the fossilized tree resin her name would suggest. So that's the only season I'm bothering to buy.


Nikki-ann said…
I still haven't gotten around to watching House... I should do, really!
Mojo said…
I used to watch this show religiously. Then I just pretty much quit watching TV altogether. Except for hockey. I still watch hockey.

Anyway. I found you on a mutual friend's blogroll, and since today's her birthday, I wanted to invite you and yours for da big Blog Party at Casa Mojo. Hope you can stop by.
We're loving this season of "House" - Except for whatshername boss, who's lost all of her charm, and grit. Yikes...

I'm glad they went back to the basics with the cast, though!

ramblingwoods said…
I love the show and agree that Amber was a great character...

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