hiking in the woods

Kim came over to my place to visit for a bit and we celebrated by going hiking. Seriously.

The picture above is me adjusting my pants so Kim could take a picture of me. Obviously she jumped the gun a mite with the shutter button. Bad Kim!

The hike was in Duke Forest. We started off on the Concrete Bridge Trail but diverted soon after starting. The concrete bridge, which is the namesake of the trail, was under around a foot or so of running water. Some kids were having a great time running back and forth on it---but I'm not a kid so I opted to follow the narrow foot trail that runs alongside the river. The picture below is of a plant I thought was pretty---and the branch that it lives on.


kenju said…
Love that last photo!!
utenzi said…
Ouch. I think Judy is implying something about the first photo. :-(
Teresa said…
Both photos were fine, Dave... the question is why you needed to adjust your pants before the picture?!?!?
utenzi said…
'Cause my belly is so big it pushes the damn pants down

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