Eyes are staring

This is an experiment in psychology, I guess. Of the two pictures below, which one do you like best?

One shows a tortie with eyes closed and one with her eyes open. Since it's a cat, it's obviously an annoying critter but we're addressing aesthetics here, not inherent levels of evil. There's a reason, after all, that cats are traditionally associated with witches and fellow travelers.

Not that I know any witches with cats, of course. Or maybe I do! Oh, I don't know. My memory isn't what it used to be.

My choice of the photos is the one with the eyes shut. In the second picture it's just too obvious that this cat is plotting something, and something nasty, I'll bet. Which reminds me of that movie Cold Comfort Farm and "I saw something nasty in the woodshed!"


Teresa said…
I chose the resting cat too... not so sure about the "plotting", but I know what a cat can do to a table top and it at least looked to be protecting the papers there in the first one.

Of course, you know the cat would still be asleep if you'd stop bothering it by taking pictures!
Kim said…
She just looks sleepy to me. Of course, Callie never plots evil. She is a sweetheart!
Kim said…
She is not plotting evil. Callie is a sweetheart! Okay, maybe she is a little evil, but I am not a witch! Okay, maybe I am a witch but I don't practice bad magic. What you send out comes back times three!
kenju said…
Tsk,tsk! Assigning such evil thoughts to a sweet kitty like that!

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