Chicken and my little Dumpling

I wanted to make a meal large enough to supply a dinner plus some small meals later on.

As a result, Kim and I made chicken and dumplings for dinner (and lunch the next 2 days) this weekend. I was inspired by two things. A Food Network show with Tyler Florence (Tyler's Ultimate) in which he made the dish, and also that whole chickens were on sale at Food Lion for 59 cents a pound.

We ended up using this recipe for the Chicken and Dumplings though we poached the chicken instead of roasting it, as you can see in the photo below. The main reason for poaching was that the Food Network show did it that way---even though the recipe on the website said to roast it. 

That's a 5 pound bird (less than $3!) so we let the bird poach in simmering water for 90 minutes in a dutch oven, uncovered. That's me lifting it out of the water in the picture below.

The chicken's meat was still tender but the bird was sufficiently cooked that the spine broke in two while I was lifting it out of the pan. While we guessed at the correct poaching time, it seems like we hit it on the head.

Having the bones and meat so tender sure made for an easy time getting all the meat off the bones. I doubt it took me much more than 5 minutes to completely strip the bird of all its meat.

All the bones, skin and nasty parts went back into the pot to make the stock. At this time we also prepped the veggies and gave them a quick saute. Half an hour later I strained gross stuff out of the stock, returned the filtered stock to the stove with all the chicken meat in it and then we added the veggies.

And this is what it looked like. Yummie, huh?

And here's the dumplings.

Once I put in the dumplings, things weren't so pretty. But despite being on the plain side, the dumplings tasted pretty good. Kim thought they were great. Me, I found the buttermilk to be a little overstated in the taste profile.

I didn't add a roux so it came out more like chicken soup but the "soup" part tasted great. Once refrigerated it thickened up quite a bit.


tiff said…
Let soup season begin!
Kim said…
It was perfect weather for it this weekend. Rainy and poopy, except for Saturday. Saturday was 73 and sunny, at least for part of the day.

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