Birds of a Feather

I was wandering around a swamp yesterday. I was hoping to get a picture of an alligator. I know it's been too cold lately but maybe a particularly stubborn one would have stuck around---but if so, I didn't see it. Instead I just got pictures of leaves floating on stagnant canal water. And one lonely bird.

The bird blended in so well with the leaves that I had to use Photoshop to make it stand out a little better---and once I did that I decided to make a small flock of them. I guess it's kinda obvious since all the critters are looking up at the same angle. But you know, maybe they were all gazing at a UFO or something. Birds do that, y'know?


jan said…
I've never lived in alligator country. Do they hibernate or just pack their bags and move to warmer climes?
kenju said…
ramblingwoods said…
Interesting effect and I never see cormorants here..Michelle

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