All summer long the area I live in has been in a bad drought. Not the greater RTP area, though they are a little short of usual, but just an area maybe 5 or 6 miles on each side. I only mowed my yard something like 4 times during June, July, August and early September.

Now that the weather is cooling and rain isn't as crucial it's raining every third day. WTF? I mowed last Saturday and already it needs it again. I spent 90 minutes out there mowing after work tonight and there's still an hours worth left to do. Since it's supposed to rain tomorrow afternoon I doubt I'll be able to do it. I can't mow very early in the morning due to the dew. So the first thing I'll be doing is to scoot into Chapel Hill between 8 and 9am to dose my mice, then wander over to Umstead Park to do the Company Mill trail (5.5 miles) then drop off some stuff at Julie's house that she forgot here (a task I've managed to procrastinate on for 2 months now). Then it's back to Chapel Hill to give the mice their afternoon dose. After that, if it's not raining yet, I'll finish up my backyard.

I'll be very glad when I finish this mice work. I hate going into work on weekends!


kenju said…
Send some of that rain up here, Dave. We aren't getting it like you have. We had the yard re-seeded last week and we need a gentle rain for a day or two. Not tomorrow, though. I have an outdoor wedding in Wake Forest!

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