Bad Food Experience

I made breakfast for dinner tonight. Twice. And made it seem like a near attempt at suicide both times.

Sure, we all have off days in the kitchen but to screw up badly twice in one evening? Sad. The first meal was an just-home-from-work quickie dinner using some hashbrowns as the base. At least that was what I was aiming at. I didn't have any russets on hand so I used red potatoes. I also decided to try out a grating grid I'd not used before. The grind was too fine and that combined with the starch content of the reds made for a truly dismal batch of hashbrowns. The worst ones I've ever made. Bleah!

A few hours later I made an batch of scrambled eggs with onions and bell peppers. Didn't saute the veggies long enough so they were "crunchy" and the eggs weren't seasoned well enough. Jeeze. There's some days you really should just stay out of the bloody kitchen. :-(


kenju said…
You have to go far to ruin scrambled eggs, Dave. I wouldn't have minded the crunchiness, and I would have added salt and pepper to cover the lack of seasoning. I never make hash browns, so I couldn't help you there.
Teresa said…
You have these days, Dave... Things never turn out quite the same way twice for me. Usually close, but occasionally I'll make something so good... and know that I'll be forever disappointed. However, messing up potatoes is hard to do (except if you add too much salt). Since I don't eat scrambled eggs, they are really hard for me to make, so I can sympathize with that one.

I made pork chops and brussel sprouts for dinner last night. And bacon... but that's really not part of the conversation. ;-)
utenzi said…
I think I'm going to make pasta tonight and avoid my errors of yesterday. The sauce might be a little interesting but at least the noodles will behave.
rosemary said…
We often have breakfast for dinner....but I am a horrible cook even with scrambled eggs, so what ever I fix if it tastes even half way decent...Steve will say it is the best dinner ever. He loves me.
I can't stand it when I ruin stuff in the kitchen. I think how much money I wasted! LOL. Forever the cheapskate. :-)
Smug said…
This does not sound SO bad, just not great - I think that the attempting to kill yourself is a bit overboard don't you think?? It's not like you mixed bleach and battery acid into the eggs or anything...

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