A Much Needed Walk

I got home from visiting with my parents and Kim in the wee hours of the morning. Since it was a week ago that I left, back when it was still warm, my windows had been left open and the HVAC system was turned off.

It was around 35f when I pulled in to my driveway and inside my house it was a bit below 50f. Brrr! I'll tell you, that heating system was turned on pretty quick.

After sorting through the mail and unpacking a weeks worth of dirty laundry I watched a few shows---the ones that weren't preempted by sports programming (The Amazing Race, House, 60 Minutes, Lie to Me, etc), at least. I was watching the Buffalo/NY Jets game on CBS at Kim's sister's house in Wilmington so I knew my recordings were going to be all screwed up on Sunday but the screwed up recording of House was unexpected.

In any case, to combat weight gain from visiting people that feed me unconditionally, I went hiking this evening with a group of people. That's a picture of us going up a hill. Hills are good for you if you want to get rid of extra calories. At least that's what I kept telling myself. I was also frequently telling myself that I was too old for this crap. Old legs and steep hills...


Teresa said…
I'm still working up to doing hills... I'm too old for this crap too! I think hills are fitting into the "use it or lose it" category.

House's preemption got me too... I was watching the other game (GO PHILLIES!!!!) and totally forgot it was supposed to record... I could have gotten it had I thought about it. I wasn't sure you were watching TAR since you've not mentioned it -- or much of anything -- for so long.
utenzi said…
None of the teams in this season's TAR interest me very much. I watched most of Sunday's episode but did lose the last 10 minutes. It was pretty obvious who was going to lose and the winners had used a "Fast Forward" so they were finished early. My favorite team came in second.
Smug said…
I love a nice hike, but as my body keeps expanding, it is getting harder and harder to get moving - like at all! Like getting up from a sitting position is getting harder now. I have got to keep myself moving or I will lose all my strength!
Michael Manning said…
Utnezi: Hiking is big here in Phoenix with many mountain trails of varying challenge levels. Rehabbing shoulders and a leg for 18 months, I haven't yet been cleared to hike or climb. But we are in the season for it. Great post!
kenju said…
I wondered where you were!!

And I'm like Smug - I can't get moving.

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