Snow Redefined

As you might have noticed from the media and advertising blitz the past few weeks, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is being released tomorrow in a new cleaned up and high definition format.

Several retailers, starting with Toys R Us and moving to Wal-mart, have engaged in heavy discounting and rebate programs bringing the actual price of this movie package down from the $40 retail to a final price of $10. And that's for a package with both conventional DVD and Blu-ray discs. Well, today Amazon jumped on board with an auto-rebate so you don't have to mail anything in. I couldn't resist that additional incentive so I scooted over to Amazon and ordered Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. For $10, what the hell.

I love Amazon. I recently received a book which had been discounted down around 40% when I pre-ordered it a month ago. Their price had dropped in the meantime and they cut the price on my invoice by almost $2 for a discount of 46%. Gotta love that. I pre-ordered another book today to get free shipping on the DVDs. Between the free shipping, price guarantee, and not having to go into some damn store...

BTW, if you want to order the DVDs from Amazon you need to use the code "snowhite" for that $10 off.


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