Holy mama. I'm going to burst. I made enough pasta and sauce tonight to hold me for three dinners. Unfortunately, while it did take me almost an hour, I ate two thirds of it while watching old episodes of Eastwick this evening. I was so stuffed that my belly was tight as a drum. Even more unfortunately, I ate the last third while watching tonight's episode of Top Chef around an hour ago. I might have gained 2 pounds tonight. *whew* I hope I don't barf in my sleep---I am seriously stuffed to the gilly parts. I put a lot of cumin in the sauce and I'm starting to think that I have a cumin addiction. I wonder if there's a 12-step program for that?


Smug said…
I believe that a recipe is in order here dude!! Hook a pregnant, food obsessed chick up!!
Teresa said…
I haven't had a pasta binge lately, but I did get into a sugar attack the other day. I couldn't seem to stop the craving and put myself into somewhat of a sugar coma (I'm sure it was a REAL coma, but I slept for about 6 hours after the last leg). Halloween could be interesting...

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