Being Mean to Dogs

Sometimes you really have to wonder why dogs put up with us. I mean, is a warm place to sleep and free food worth this kind of assault on ones dignity?

Oh well, Halloween is fast approaching and I guess you have to get ready ahead of time... but doesn't it seem like he's saying: Why are you doing this to me???


Smug said…
Some people love their dogs like they are their children and I get that, but sometimes people take it too far.

I had a customer today e-mail because his ordr was received without the personalization. I arranged to have a new corrected order mailed out to him and arranged to get the incorrect item back to us at no charge to him.

He emailed back to say that he would rather just have a refund since the item was for his gods birthday and by the time the replacement arrived the birthday would be past.

I'll let you just think about that for a minute....

I did not have a clue how to respond to this gentleman.
utenzi said…
I know what you mean, Ryan. My Mom was a dog groomer and some of her customers actually made financial decisions based on what they thought their dogs wanted based on the dog's "facial" expression. Pretty scary!
kenju said…
I love dogs and I would NEVER dress one up like that. It's ridiculous!

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