Time for a new Camera

I have two digital cameras that I use all the time. They are both Panasonics from the DMC-FZ line, models 7 and 8. I keep the older one, which I bought on April 11, 2006, in my lab at work and use it to image Western gels. The newer one, bought on December 18, 2007, is my constant companion.

Both of these cameras have primarily been used to take photographs outside when I'm either hiking or kayaking. As a result both have been dunked in lakes and rivers on a number of occasions while kayaking. That's what caused me to buy the second camera---the first one was having a lot of trouble focusing after one of the dunkings.

And another source of annoyance for the cameras is my hiking with them in my hand while sweat trickles down my arm onto them. All that salty water isn't good for cameras and that's what has finally caused my second camera to get ill. Often it won't turn off and I have to take the battery out to get it to power down. Other times it won't turn on no matter what I do. The poor thing is very sick.

So, do I nurse it back to health? Those pictures over on the left are a hint. I'm getting a new camera. Since my job is iffy right now I didn't want to spend much money so I picked up a 10 MP point-and-shoot Fuji with a 12X zoom for $168 on Amazon.com. The retail price is only $250 which is pretty amazing considering all the performance you get. Take a look at a review of the camera if you're in the market for one like this.

This camera offers 50% more resolution than either of my other cameras with very similar performance from the lens and costs half as much. Not bad. It's impressive how much digital cameras have increased their performance while maintaining low prices. I'd never abuse my cameras the way I do if it wasn't for this affordability. I pretty much assume that my cameras are going to last around 18 months and then be put on the bench for secondary duty.

In any case, I ordered the Fuji S1500 on Friday and I should get it in 2 weeks (Amazon almost always waits 7-10 days before shipping when you pick the free shipping option). Wheee. New toy.


simplycol said…
I love love taking pictures and getting a new camera is way up there on my excitement marker. Looking forward to seeing the new camera and lots of great photos.
Skye said…
I appreciate your choice for Fuji S1500 digital camera!! It has 10 MP, 2.7" LCD and high ISO sensitivity quality!!

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