Road Trip

I wasn't feeling well on Friday when my new camera was delivered but I was still just itching to try it out.

So on Saturday when I was feeling a mite better I went on a road trip.

Here's a picture to set the mood. The spider pic was taken just a few yards from this spot also. Despite the seeming brightness, the locations was quite moody. The Fuji camera does very well in low light conditions. So far I'm quite impressed with it.

The worst thing so far is that I have to wing it when I'm trying stuff out. The manual is on CD-ROM and I don't feel like reading it on the computer monitor. Unfortunately unlike a paper manual, I can't read the CD-ROM out in "the field" where I'm actually using the camera.


Nikki-ann said…
Looks and sounds like it's a good camera. Nice shot :)

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