Monday is Goodbye

It's bright and early on Monday morning and someone is all smiles.

I have to ask myself, is it because she's leaving? Or does she just really like orange juice? I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

In the television realm, I wasn't very impressed with the teams on The Amazing Race and found the first hour of the show rather boring. I did like the second hour a lot better. I liked the girl that was eliminated but her boyfriend was a mite intense. Too bad the Poker Girls weren't eliminated at the end of the first hour, huh?


Nikki-ann said…
So what is because she was leaving (surely not!) or because she just really likes orange juice? :D
Kim said…
You know good and well I was only smiling for the camera! I was really sad to be going and I miss you.
Teresa said…
Hmmm... what's with the critter on the floor, Dave? Did you forget to tell me something?
utenzi said…
Teresa, you know me. I pleaded and pleaded with Kim to leave the critter thing behind but apparently my pleas fell on deaf ears. When I got home from work that day the critter was gone.

Kim, did I win the lottery or something? You're sounding way too positive.

Nikki, pain meds? Don't drink when you take them---the combo can make a person somewhat incoherent.
Nikki-ann said…
LOL I just re-read my comment and it doesn't make much sense does it?! I don't take pills/tablets as I can never swallow them, so I'll blame it on the Lemsip and medicated sweets! :D
utenzi said…
I might have to try that combination some time, Nikki. It seems to work in rather interesting ways.
Teresa said…
Does the mysteriously disappearing critter have a name?
Kim said…
His name is Gomer. It's from the Bible.

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