Manna from Heaven

At least if we define heaven as Amazon dot com. The pictures below are iffy because my current camera is really in meltdown. The flash won't even work right so I had to do these pictures with ambient light.

But this little box is hopefully the solution to all my problems. Well, not quite all of them. I'm home today because some kind of stomach bug has laid me low. I don't even feel well enough to go outside and try out the new camera. But I do feel like I'm up to unpacking it!

It's very pretty, isn't it? Well, in a digital camera sort of way. And lots of parts to play with and manuals to intend to eventually read. Ha!

10 megapixels for $168 and free shipping. And a 12X optical zoom. Amazing.

And here I am holding the new baby. Here's to a meaningful 18-24 month relationship! Break out the bubbly. Well, maybe when my belly feels better.


Anonymous said…
I am now on my second finepix and I have love both of them. The current one has the 18x zoom, which is awesome awesomeness.
Malibu Stacy said…
It's spelled "manna."

Unless you were referring to the Midwives Alliance of North America. They're angels, to be sure, but I don't think they spend their time delivering cameras instead of babies.
utenzi said…
Teresa said…
LOL. Oh my!

The camera looks complicated, but I doubt that's a problem for you. I hope you feel better soon though.
Anonymous said…
I hope you are feeling better soon.. stomach bugs are not fun.

But a new camera certainly is. :-)
Deana said…
Enjoy your new baby!

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