Hell's Kitchen

I saw Alyson Hannigan on David Letterman tonight and it was an odd "interview." She was promoting the new season of How I Met Your Mother which is on CBS, the same network as The Letterman Show.

From Letterman's bland expression, lack of eye contact, and very obvious reading of questions from a card (and saying nothing but that) it really seemed like he didn't want her there as a guest. But... she's adorable! How could you ever not want her around? The man is obviously getting senile. She's just so darn cute. Like a lovely chipmonk.  On the other hand, Letterman seemed pretty focused when he was cutting down Sarah Palin regarding her upcoming memoir. In fact the Top 10 list was on that very subject. Quite funny too. 

Going into tonight's episode of Hell's Kitchen the contestant count was down to 5 chefs. Three of them, Dave, Kevin and Ariel, are pretty strong... and then there's Tennille and Suzanne. Not so strong. But they all were pretty bad on this episode. In the edit aired it didn't seem like Dave screwed up much but they all admitted to weak performances in the deliberations after the night's service. Dave's my favorite to win but Kevin and Ariel are strong contenders. I kinda wish the losing chef hadn't been cut because for some weird reason I like her, but it was only a matter of time. According to the other contestants, she should have been cut a long time ago. C'est la Vie.


Smug said…
Is it wrong that I love How I Met Your Mother so much??? I think I laugh more at that show than any of the other comedy's combined - expect maybe Castle - that show is pretty darn funny too!
Teresa said…
Letterman wanted to keep talking about heart surgery and couldn't bump her because she's on a CBS show. Then her entire interview was rehearsed and he never does well with those type of interviews. He was trying to enjoy her inane chatter, but I can see where all he'd want to do is look at her... trying to figure out and respond to what she was saying wasn't going to happen.... she is cute, but not a very good representative to send to promote the show.

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