The second season of Fringe starts up tonight at 9pm on FOX network. Be there or be square.

The first episode of the first season was exactly 53 weeks ago. How is that relevant? I just wanted to link to my post from a year ago. :-)

I'm also recording The Office's season debut though I doubt I'll watch any other episodes this season. I like to see where this show starts off but I don't have the patience to watch it every week. Immediately following The Office a new show, Community, is being shown. I'll watch it since the reviews are highly positive but I don't think I'll like it.

What do y'all think of The Jay Leno Show? I only watched the debut on Monday. I thought it was pretty typical of The Tonight Show when Leno was at the helm. Not good, not bad, just kinda in the middle. Not a good sign for a show that carries so much of NBC's future riding on its shoulders.

UPDATE: I watched Community tonight, actually this morning, I guess, and was quite surprised to find that I liked it. The silly characters and smarmy lawyer as the lead character all worked with me. I admit they shouldn't, but they did. And the extended nod to John Hughes was nice, I guess. Of course when they were filming the show they would have no idea that he'd die before it hit the air. I need to get some sleep tonight so I'm waiting until this weekend to watch Fringe.


Utopia said…
I love Fringe! Don't enjoy the Office, but am gonna try Community with Chevy Chase. No interest in Jay Leno.
kenju said…
Don't watch Fringe. Saw the office tonight and got bored. Tried to watch Community and fell asleep. The new Leno is not very good, which disappoints me.
Teresa said…
Well, it can't be EXACTLY 53 weeks ago since it debuted on a Tuesday and it's now Thursday... just saying.

I don't watch the show though... it was opposite something originally -- I think it moved nights later -- and I couldn't finagle it into a taping schedule. I did record the first episode of Jay Leno, only because nothing new is on yet. I will probably watch it over the weekend. My son said it was very lacking in interview time, but since I haven't seen Leno in years, I don't know how it compares to when he was on The Tonight Show. I've noticed that late night talk shows typically have less than half devoted to interviews in general. {shrug}

Anything coming up during this new season that you are interested in watching? (Besides Survivor, that is... {ducking})
Deana said…
I've heard only good things about Leno but they were people who watched him anyway. I want to start HBO's Bored to Death now that True Blood is off for a year. And I hope I can remember to watch Eastwick starting next week. And happy Heroes is almost back on.

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