Deep down in the bayou

Well, not exactly bayou. It's more like a lake with very little water movement.

Here you see a log in the distance under yonder tree. And maybe a few lumps near it.

Now you use that powerful 12X optical zoom on my new Fuji and lo and behold, it's a turtle and it's buddy the alligator. The exposure wasn't great from this side so I walked along the shore a bit and got the next shot from a slightly different angle.

The glint of sunlight on the scaly hides wasn't as bad from over there. I really like the new Fuji. I'm so glad it came a week before I expected it to.


Smug said…
Oh, I really don't like things under the water that I can't see!!!
Utopia said…
Where were you to find an alligator? Around this area?
Thumper said…
I gotta ask...did the alligator eat the turtle...?
Janet said…
you were walking around an area where that big of an alligator was out loose? EEK!

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